Thursday, July 19, 2012

Everything must come to an end...

Hey fellas,

it's been a while since I last posted, so I think what I have to announce today won't come as a surprise to anybody...

I work in a professional field that alternates long periods of time where you have nothing much to do except gaming and blogging, and long periods of time where you just can't take your breath back considering the gigantic amount of work that falls onto your shoulders.

I'm currently working on the next Christophe Gans' movie (Silent Hill director, how ironic) for about three weeks now. I honestly tried to keep the blog updated. I've tried twice to boot Soul Reaver again, and I was constantly getting confused at what to do and where to go. This is not a game that takes too kindly of players that don't come back regularly. It's too much complex and you can't really stop for a long time without being completely lost.

Of course, I'm delighted to work with this director. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and the money is good too, considering I was unemployed a bit too long. But the movie going on till april 2013, I won't ask you guys to wait... I know how flickering a blog audience can be, especially considering I didn't work long enough to get a lot of followers.

Hence, I'm quitting. The fettuc leaves for now.

There is always the possibility that the movie doesn't come to its end or simply for me to get fired (for example, for writing this post during business hours ;). Maybe I'll then be motivated to come back to the world of Raziel (or Hyrule, or Raccoon City...) and write about it, but considering it could be in a few months, I don't want the blog to be idle for this period of time.

I would like to thank all of you readers and commenters, especially Chet, Trick and Zenic who gave me the impulse to start blogging, and everybody else who supported me during this (too) brief period.

I'll try to read and comment on the other blogs of the community, so maybe we'll meet again.

Keep on playing!

See you soon.

Clement a.k.a Alfred n the Fettuc


  1. Sorry to see you (and your posts go) - but that 'real life' thing has a way of encroaching on our favorite hobbies, doesn't it? Here's hoping you eventually find the time again as I found your posts entertaining reads, but I (and I'm sure everyone else) understand. Take care and good luck with the new job!

  2. I understand not having the same kind of time to dedicate to a hobby. If you do have time once again, I'll be here to read your updates how ever infrequent.

    I wish you well, have fun with the movie.

  3. I'm just stoked that you're getting to work on big movies with big directors! You can always pick this up when things finally settle down. We're an incestuous bunch, so Zenic, Chet and I could inform pretty much everyone if and when that happens.

    In the meantime, I hope we still see you around The Adventure Gamer!

  4. Thanks guys! It's good to feel supported, and I'm sorry I couldn't go farther in this blogging adventure for now. However, your support feels great and is sure to make me come back once I'm finished with this ordeal ;)

    And don't worry you three, I'll still be around to read your words, it's always a pleasure!

    (and by the way, I realized the name of my last entry was "boobs!" and I just can think of leaving it this way forever, it's too shameful... ;)

  5. Oh how sad..Hoping for the best!

    -Marlisa Yo


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