Sunday, May 13, 2012

Please vote for the future!

Hello guys,

I know this update can seem pretty desperate, but the poll that will decide the future of my blog (and my next few weeks/months of gaming ;) culminates at 10 votes after a good start. Please help me make some noise about it! After all, I'd love to have more opinions onto what would please the readers and how to adapt, in order to attract more people...

Of course the opinion of 10 people is as important as the opinion of a million, but considering how important this choice is for the future of this blog, I'd love to have a little more votes ;)

Thanks again in advance.

Back to Zelda II for now, I'm in the last palace for the last two hours now and still can't find how to kill the last boss. I won't give up!


  1. Looks like at this point, there is something of a clear leader.