Friday, May 4, 2012

Series D : Last proposition and poll starting

Hi guys!

After having read your comments on the post about series D, and seeing each of you has a different favorite in the franchises I offered to play, I'll set on the poll about what series D should be.

One last proposition before that :

Proposition 8 : MARIO RPGs

7 games -- First : Super Mario RPG (SNES - 1996) -- Last : Bowser's Inside Story (DS - 2009)

Not a real "series" to be considered, but one masterpiece that spawned two different spin-offs series. While the Paper Mario series is more about cuteness bordering on the insane, the Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga series is about insanity bordering on craziness. I love both series and I'd like to see how they evolved over time. Added to that, revisiting Squaresoft and Nintendo's incredible Mario RPG outing would be really worth it.

That's it folks! The poll starts today and will go on for one month. Please vote on your favorite and vote a lot! It will be great to play the games of your choice!


  1. I'd be fine with the Mario games too, but I put my vote down on Metroid just because it's always been a series I think of fondly, but then I remember I've only played a few of them, and they were quite spread apart (the original, Metroid Prime - which I never beat, and Metroid: Other M)

    1. The Metroid series is full of great games. Super Metroid is really wonderful (and a highly-recommended play, even by today's standards), the Metroid Prime trilogy is excellent too, and I never beat Hunters or Other M (the latter was a bit too verbose for me). I'm kind of afraid of the first game, though, considering how hard it is (and I've never beaten it either, even after numerous tries...)

    2. Other M was fun in my opinion, but short and quite a departure from the series. The original Metroid was a challenge - no doubt about it. I remember the first time I beat it, I did so with a lot of my own mapping. Then when I played through it again, I got the Nintendo Power that mapped out the entire game, and made sure I picked up everything and it was a breeze by comparison.