Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Series D : What should we play next?

Hello folks,

Concerning the feedback I had in the comments of the last post, it seems the general idea of having a fourth series to play simultaneously is a tempting one. While we are waiting for the results of the current poll to see if the zombie shooting is dead (seeing the actual votes, it doesn't seem to), I would like to have your ideas on what series D should be.

Here are 7 propositions of series I'd like to play in this blog :

Proposition 1 : METROID

11 games  -- First game : Metroid (NES - 1986) -- Last : Metroid Other M (Wii - 2010)

Excellent action-adventure series, maybe one of the most well-known Nintendo franchises with Zelda and Mario. The main series holds what is arguably one of the best games of all time, Super Metroid and an excellent 3D trilogy created by Retro Studios. There is even a pinball game in it!

Proposition 2 : SILENT HILL

8 games -- First game : Silent Hill (PSX - 1999) -- Last : Silent Hill Downpour (PS3 - 2012)

The example of the game series that was touched by grace a few years back, with an excellent second installment, but is going lower and lower with the years. The emphasize on storytelling and excellent ambiance should make the trip worthwhile anyway.

Proposition 3 : WONDER BOY

6 games -- First game : Wonder Boy (SMS - 1986) -- Last : Monster World IV (MD - 1994)

A nice little series that went from a pure straightforward platforming experience to a clever action-RPG mix. It did have a really chaotic development cycle too, with two completely different "Wonder Boy III" released, for example, but in my memory, it's still a great "RPG light" fix.

Proposition 4 : METAL GEAR

12 games -- First game : Metal Gear (MSX - 1987)  -- Last : MGS Peace Walker (PSP - 2010)

Another really mainstream long-running franchise. The Metal Gear series has always been a mixed bag for me. I loved the first installment and can't deny the excellency of some of the newer games, but I've never been able to really get into a lot of these games. We can see if playing them through this blog will make me change my mind...

Proposition 5 : DIZZY

10 games -- First game : Dizzy (1986 - CPC) -- Last : Dizzy : Prince of the Yolkfolk HD (2011 - IOS)

Now here is the series for the old-timers! Dizzy has always seem to be exactly the kind of games I love. Action games with a lot of different settings and full of puzzle and adventure games elements. I never played one for more than 5 minutes though, and I really don't know why. It would be the occasion to set things right!

Proposition 6 : JAK AND DAXTER

6 games -- First game : Jak and Daxter (2001 - PS2) -- Last : J&D : The Lost Frontier (2009 - PSP)

As I've said before, in my post about Banjo & Tooie, I'm a sucker for these kind of games. I love the mix of platforming and adventure elements. The Jak and Daxter is supposed to hold all of this, and it would be interesting to see the series evolve from platforming madness to GTA Open World Games (and if I recall correctly, there is even one installment more driving game than adventure...).

Proposition 7 : TOMB RAIDER

13 games -- First game : Tomb Raider (1996 - PSX) -- Last : Tomb Raider (2012 - PS3)

Beyond being the first digital fantasy of a lot of teenage boys in the 90s, Lara did have a few great adventures (and a few boring ones) since her creation. One of the main interests of this franchise is, for me, to see how the different developers worked on video games' most famous babe, and how a lot of them blew it.

Besides these 7 propositions, I'm sure I'm forgetting a lot of great games, so before setting the poll, I'd like to have your advice and feedback about what the 8th series should be. I'm thinking about a lot of other ones, but I'd love to know which games you'd want to see in this blog...

Thanks in advance.

Awaiting your comments!


  1. Jak and Dexter, with no doubt. A short serie but with a lot of fun, i love how they add the upgrades at the right time to make the game fresh again.

    1. Agreed. I've completed a few times the Ratchet & Clank or Sly series, but this one always eluded me. Seems really good though...

  2. I'd love to revisit Tomb Raider. I'm pretty sure I played the first three and while they get a bad rap these days, I found them immensely enjoyable at the time.

    Silent Hill is one I've not played but would like to. Is it perhaps a bit too similar in tone to Resident Evil though? I might be wrong on that though.

    1. Yup, this is definitely one of my fears, but the approach of storytelling is widely different. Might be interesting to point out the differences, but I agree the risk is to sound too similar.

  3. But please guys, don't hesitate to tell me if I forgot to mention your favorite series or just one you'd like to read about.

    I've been thinking about doing an article about the Super Mario RPG outings, too (Super Mario RPG / Paper Mario / Superstar Saga), that could be considered a series as a whole.

    Any other ideas? Please shoot!

  4. For me? Any of these would make interesting reads. Primarily because I have played one or two from almost every one of them but never gotten the complete series by any stretch of the imagination. That goes for Metroid, Silent Hill, Tomb Raider, Jak and Metal Gear.

    Probably Wonder Boy would be my least-interested of the batch, but really even that one would still get me to read and likely comment (I know comments are like food for bloggers - you need 'em to live) :)

    1. Couldn't have summarized it better... need. more. comments. hungry.

  5. The weird has always been to my taste, so Dizzy will probably get my vote (an egg as a hero, that's gotta to be good). I suspect I'll be in the minority, but what the heck, all of these sound interesting.

  6. Even though Silent Hill is similar to the RE games, it is interesting to see how each installment in the series is different. After the first few games, they kind of go in different directions in terms of gameplay, and the stories are quite excellent in most cases.

    Silent Hill, or Metroid are my votes, both are very excellent series, two that are definitely in my favorites.