Monday, April 30, 2012

Monthly Poll Discussion and Consequences

Hello again (wow two posts in one day after nearly a month of nothingness!),

I'm here to talk about the results of my first poll which is :

What game series do you like reading about in this blog?

Resident Evil - killing zombies is great!
  1 (6%)
The Legend of Zelda - green elves rule!
  4 (26%)
The Legacy of Kain - A less known series that deserves attention
  2 (13%)
I don't care, I like reading about all three.
  4 (26%)
None of them, you should change fast!
  4 (26%)

So I'm afraid I have to think about what this means for the future of this blog.

First of all, victory of the Zelda series is no real surprise, I know it's by far the most popular out there. I'm glad too that 4 other people don't really care about the series in themselves but must like my approach to chronoblogging, so it's a good thing to keep me working on it.

However, I think a big 26% of people who don't care about any of the franchises I'm tackling here is no good news.

So the result is simple and goes for another monthly poll, which will have only three simple answers :

Should the Resident Evil series be abandoned or should I keep playing it?

I'm trying everything I can to keep readers interested about this blog, so if it means dropping the whole series to play something else, I won't hesitate to do it. After all, this franchise is a very long one, and I'd hate to see a part of my readers just patiently waiting for me to come back to games they care about.

No worry, though, there is a lot of other franchises I'd love to play (such as Metroid and Silent Hill) so should you all vote for the death of the Resident Evil franchise, we'll do another poll to see what I should play next.

I eagerly wait for your feedback!


  1. I don't think you should drop any of the series (unless you personally want to). I haven't played through any of them, so it's all new and interesting to me.

    If anything, I think adding series is a good idea. That way the reader isn't facing "another RE game" or "another BO game" every few weeks. Blogging your way through series of games to watch their evolution is a good idea, I just wouldn't limit it to three series. If there are others you want to play through, bring it on!

    Of course, as usual, this is just my opinion. :)

  2. I could add two series to add variety to the mix. However, the problem here would be that it would be a long time between two games from the same series, making less sense about the purpose of the blog maybe... I don't know, we'll see how the poll goes.

    I have a lot of series in mind, and considering how long going through the whole RE or Zelda franchise will be, adding other series would ensure variety in the blog. Why not...

  3. It think the blog is fine as it is. Maybe you could add one more franchise of a different genre into the mix, but any more may dilute it too much. You shouldn't change anything too drastically due to the opinion of just 4 people.

  4. Just stumbled upon your blog - and I'm of the opinion (and voted as such) - you should just stick to it. I like reading about what others are doing in gaming - what they're playing, what they think of something... and sure, some titles may be more relevant to me personally than others, I think it all makes for good reading.

    I know I tend to play whatever strikes my fancy at the time, I write about it and hope others read - but I don't think I'd change what I was doing without a lot of reader feedback (overwhelmingly so) telling me to try something else.

    Going ahead and adding your blog to my blog roll and links page too, if you don't object? :)

    1. Hey, welcome! No, don't worry, I don't object with new publicity and new people coming around ;)

      Thanks a lot, and glad to have you onboard!

  5. I'd say there's no reason for you to drop the Resident Evil - if someone doesn't like to read about it, he can just skip those posts. I think variety is what keeps a gaming blog interesting. When going through a series of games, there's always the danger of the games becoming too repetitive, and you should probably balance it by having a number of series to play - so adding one might be a good thing.

    1. I concur with the adding of a new game or series of games potentially helping to mix things up if you can find another you'd want to invest in and share with us at this point.

  6. Wow, guys, it's great to have your feedback! It's kinda hard to figure out what people wanna read about and how to write about it. It's difficult too to know if you actually manage to write something interesting or if you're alone in the universe (you have a visitor counter, but it doesn't tell you if people actually read your stuff or just wandered here by mistake)...

    So I'm really glad to have you all guys in the comments, it makes me wanna come back from my long work tunnel and go kill zombies some more (should be any days now...)

    In the meantime, and concerning the subject at hand, I think I'll go with your advices and add a fourth series to the mix. I agree that having two more would be diluting the whole idea of the blog too much, but one more could be great.

    I'll first post something about the seven series I'm thinking about before setting the poll up, to see if you guys think about another series you'd want me to play.

    I'll keep you posted!