Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Game A1 - Resident Evil : Good Will Hunters

Chris Redfield Report, Entry 2 : Ok, the Plant 42 was another abomination, a blood-sucking plant produced by this place. Thanks to Rebecca, we were able to synthesize a serum that could enfeeble it. A few shotgun rounds down its throat (do plants have throats? this one sure did have teeth...) and it was done for. I managed to get the last Mansion key and went back to the first house... to discover our slow and now almost harmless zombies had received some backup. The place was crawling with Hunters, some kind of gorilla and crocodile mix, really fast, angry and more than capable of getting shot a few times before staying down... And this huge snake is back too! The end of the night is still far away...

Time played : 1h15 (4h45 total) - "You Died" screens : 2 (8 total)

Ok, so I haven't done a lot of progress since my last entry. My biggest error was to save a little too often (by Resident Evil standards, too often means six times in four hours) and now, I'm a bit stuck between two bosses, the plant and the snake. The bosses in themselves are not that dangerous, but the place is now crowded with Hunters. They jump all over the place, bite you, jump back and you have to be really careful to offer them the three shotgun shells that they need to stop moving...

Now, I sure am sorry for these crocodile boots I bought at the last STARS garage sale.
You have to give that to the game's credit. Now, you have a few more bullets in your bag, and a beautiful shotgun that kill a zombie in one shot. So, you're starting to feel confident. Even the sharks in the basement are not that dangerous, and you just have to run a bit to avoid the bees and spiders around the place (PETA sure hadn't heard of Capcom when this game went out...)

And then, they give you the Hunter, which is basically the stuff of nightmares for all the Resident Evil veterans. So, my last hour of play can be summarized this way : Open the door to the Plant, mix the serum with Rebecca, go down to the basement, put the serum on the roots, finish the plant with the shotgun, get the key, cross the garden, kill a few dogs, avoid the first hunter, go to the snake, kill the snake, go down to the OTHER basement, try to reach the magic box as soon as you finally get hold of an ink ribbon, get eviscerated by hunters...


So I just shut down my Playstation, wonder if I had to start again, and decided that, no, it was too soon to give up. The world is watching me (well, right now, I have one member, so let's say Zenic is watching me) and I don't want to disappoint my audience! It's too soon, I've got so many more games to explore!

I'll go back there, and get pass this rough spot. I'll have the hide of these things and make a lot of nice clothing with it.

By the way, on another note, I liked the chemical mixing puzzle. It's a bit basic, but is a nice change of rhythm after a long part of exploring and killing stuff. This game is still great. I just have to find a way to save my game again...


  1. We watch( well read ) you!, Be brave you can do it :D

    1. Thanks Noushka, it's good to feel supported through these harsh times...
      Yey second member! Welcome!!!