Tuesday, February 21, 2012

So now what?

Ok. So I've been thinking about it for a long time. I love the "new" trend going in video games blogging these days. As far as I'm concerned, I think it started by the CRPG Addict work, on his great attempt (now temporary defunct) to play through every CRPG ever made in a chronological order.

A lot of great blogs then appeared, I'm currently following the Adventure Gamer (every adventure game ever released in chronological order, obviously) and The RPG Consoler (same thing for... Console RPG, guess you haven't seen this one coming).

So now what? I want to make one on my own, but I've got two major problems there. The first one is that english is not my native language. I'm french (I know, it happens) and, even if I consider my english pretty correct, it's kind of harder to me to write in english compared to french. The problem is : writing in french would alienate my blog from a lot of people, especially considering I'd love my blog to be followed by the same community dedicated to the other blogs I love. So I'll try to write in english for the time being. Please excuse my bad writing when it happens, and don't hesitate to correct me or tell me if I'm unclear on some subjects.

The second major problem is my lack of dedication. I love video games. I play a lot. But for a few years I feel like I'm incapable of playing any game through and through. I've spent hundreds of hours on Morrowind, for example, but, even if I love Skyrim, I can't seem to gather the same concentration on it that I had on its prequels a few years back. So I think what will happen is that I'll write a few posts, and just forget all about it as soon as I've been bored of that. Well, we'll see, maybe I'll discover my dedication can go back, especially as soon as I'll get an audience (if I ever get one)...

So let's go, for the time being. I've been wondering what kind of games this blog should be about. I won't stick to a genre in particular. My two favorite genres, adventure games and RPGs are taken care of by my fellow bloggers, and I see no point in talking about these games. I prefer to read about them and see their point of views on these games. So I'll go for series. I'll stick to a franchise, and play every game released for it through and through.

I'll start with Resident Evil.

Considering the number of RE games released, I'll be killing zombies and moving cranks for a long time. For the next series, I'll ask the audience advice to know what I should play next. I'll stay away from series that I could literally spend my whole life on, like Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest, but we'll see about that if I ever finish the Resident Evil series. My rules are the same than the other blogs started by the CRPG Addict. I have to finish a game, or at least spend five hours on it before moving to the next one. I'll play them in chronological order, and won't back off from the horrors that lurk in every game series (Gun Survivor, I'm looking at you). I'll stick to the original version first (yes I'll play the first PSX version of RE1, not the gorgeous Gamecube remake), then think about playing the remakes when the time come (there is obviously no interest to play through RE4 twice because the control scheme has changed for Wii, but it could be interesting to play through the DS or Gamecube version of RE1 to see what changed).

Last of all, I'll figure some kind of notation device like the GIMLET or CAPICE notation scale, but I may have to tune it a bit between two game series. We'll see about that in a future post.

Ok, time to dust off my PS2 and put the olde Resident Evil CD in it. I'm really looking forward to seeing the introductory short film again. In my memory, it was kind of the worst thing ever shot by a camera.

I think I'm going to see a awful lot of these screens in the next few weeks...

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