Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Paradigm Shift!

Ok, sorry about the name of the post, just a really quick update to let you all know that Alfred n the Fettuc  now boldly calls himself the "Video Game Genealogist".

I know, with big names come big responsibilities... I hope I'll be able to live up to these expectations.

I'll try to post about my new and fresh notation scale, but I'm struggling to find a stupid acronym for it... I'll let you know!


  1. I didn't have a specific focus for this comment, so I'm putting it here instead of one of the game related posts.

    I think your English is very understandable. There's nothing confusing, and your meaning comes across quite clearly.

    The take on the blog direction is an interesting one. I think it'll be good to define some other series that you may find interesting. If you want to stay in survival horror there are plenty of options. Personally, I'm not too interesting in RE, but I have you in my RSS feed, so I'll keep tabs on the progress.

    Good luck!

    1. Hey, thanks for the post, I was wondering about my approach concerning the game series. The major problem is that if you're not interested in RE, you won't have a lot to read about for a loooong time. Maybe I should go through two or three series at once, it would make the whole thing more varied.

      It's a pretty good idea actually, and that would avoid the fact that killing zombies for weeks would be quite repetitive...

      I'm thinking about a few series I should take on. My major thought is The Legend of Zelda. The whole problem with this blog trend (which I love) is that I don't want to process the same games than you guys. You already get through Zelda II, should I write about it too?

      I wanted to do some polls to know which series I should take next, but considering I still lack an audience... Maybe I should go for the three series at the same time. Yeah it's optimistic, but why not... I'll keep you posted.

    2. Well, jumping between series might be a little jarring. Sure it might appeal to those wanting something different, but to those that want more of the same, you're making both wait.

      Honestly, I welcome other opinions and insights on the games. Your experience will be different from mine, and you may notice and comment on things I didn't.

      If you really want to have three series going on at the same time, then I suggest sticking with one game at a time even so. It'll make the blog easier to follow.

      A quick series (four games) that'd be interesting to see is the Deception series by Tecmo. Also, it fits in well with RE.

      Zelda, like RE, would take a very long time. Are there any less ambitious series you have in mind? ;)

    3. I've never played the Deception series, it could be a good idea...

      Of course, following one game at a time is a mandatory thing, but going from RE to the NES Legend of Zelda, then to a totally different thing could be interesting, especially for people like you that have no interest in the Resident Evil franchise, but that I'd love to have as an audience.

      Considering Trick, Amy of Cana, for example, have yet to make an appearance in the comments, maybe they don't have any interest in that franchise neither, and I'd really love to make something interesting for you guys too.

      The other series I'd love to tackle : Zelda (ok : 21 games), Legacy of Kain (5 games), Metroid (11 games), Prince of Persia (9 games). The Castlevania and Megaman series would be nice to consider too, but they hold approximately 50 games in the former and 1 million in the latter.

      I'll take a look at the Deception series, but Ratchet and Clank or Jak and Daxter might hold some interest for me too, and they are some games you guys won't process in your respective blogs too.

      Anyway, would you find a Resident Evil/Zelda/Legacy of Kain blog (for the time being) more appealing? I think it would be a few different experiences to follow.

      Let me know your thoughts :)